The Best New 2019 Adidas Shoes for Women

Adidas is the bombshell of footwear. Whether Adidas shoes are for men or women, the shoes are simple, bold and comfort. Adidas offers huge collection for women with the classic and standard design. Adidas shoes are iconic to anyone with the most outstanding design and color that it launched every year. Women want to look smart and stylish with quality shoes.

Adidas is enough and nothing can be compared with the high-quality leather, classy color and unique design of this brand. Adidas makes more of it with its huge bunch of collection every year.

Keep your toes stylish with ADIDAS

If you are looking for Adidas women products, here’s a collection we have listed new and popular 2019 Adidas shoes for women

The Top 5 New Adidas Shoes for Women 2019

  1. 1.

    Adidas Performance Women's Barricade 2019 W Tennis Shoe

    The Adidas barricade women’s tennis shoe is going to be one of the best-selling product of 2019 for its quality, color and design. This high-performing shoe comes with bright color and matches pretty with any kind of color especially white, gray, black or red. The stripe on the shoe body makes it more super athletic and functional. The Adidas barricade shoe rates high in comfort, quickness, breathability and durability.

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    Adidas Women's CF Element Race W Running Shoe

    Adidas CF element race W running shoe is the most casual and easy footwear. This shoe is light in weight and very simple in the pattern. The shoe sole is of rubber quality. You may get black, carbon and aero pink in color in this pair of shoe. This shoe is good for running and daily walk. The cushion is fluffy and keeps relax in feet.

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    Adidas Women Edge Lux Running Shoe

    The Adidas edge lux wide laces are not new pairs of shoes but still, it holds the trend of its own. This shoe can give your feet some space to stretch out while upper still manage to comfort your ankles to prevent injuries. This shoe is easy to slip on in a hurry and the special tongue adds extra comfort on feet.

    But the thin fabric is not terribly durable. This shoe can match with the dress up of any casual setting.

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    Adidas Performance Women’s Edge Lux Clima Running Shoe

    The soft pink high quality Adidas shoe is the best for women running shoe. The sole of this shoe is synthetic in texture. The shoe is very light in weight and comfortable to wear. It has average heels height with curve edge fits perfectly in the foot with comfort.

    The attractive surface layer with pink color makes it more unique and give feminine looks at its best.

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    Adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

    The cloud foam Adidas pairs of the shoe are high in quality and very comfortable to wear. The foam material inside the shoe is super soft and fits perfectly. This shoe is very flexible and light in weight. The surface design of this shoe is very detailing with side stripe design.

    You may wear it with your casual jeans but this pair of shoes are the best for your morning running time.

    The more you dig in, the more you can get comfortable classy brands. But nothing can be compared with ADIDAS for women comfort and style. So, dress yourself up with our above listed top 5 Adidas shoes for women style 2019.