General View

Galaxy S9 is a phone which offers you enhanced security features in the form of biometrics, but it somehow fails to outshine S8 that is considered to be one of the greatest phones the company has introduced.


The main criticism on S9 is that the screen size and the apparent design of the phone did not go under any change. It looks similar and does not surprise the eyes with a fresher look.


There are some notable features which have been improved and enhanced, one of which is the powerful camera of Galaxy S9. The back camera has a dual-aperture shutter and the frame is also a lot robust which the photographers would really admire to have in their phone.

Media Marvel

For those who use mobile as a media source and loves music S9 is a media marvel for them. The screen is very bright and the combo of dual speakers makes the users have a one of its kind experience with Galaxy S9.


One of the faults of S8 is also improved in S9 and that is the unlocking issue with face or finger. S9 has made it easier and more effective for the users to unlock the phone.


The phone has its plus points and negative points but the main problem is that there should have been much more upgrades and fresh features as the model is named as S9, it must have some serious upgrades as compared to S8, which has not been done sadly. If it might have been named as S8i or something then these little changes would have been understandable. All in all, it is a slightly improved version of S8 which looks pretty similar too.